These days, everyone is running an online business, but not everyone knows how to engage more and more people to their business. If you are one of them, then you need to get help from an SEO company to boost traffic on your webpage. Or you must read this article to get more information.

People who are running an online business know several ways to get online reviews, but there are some new ways that you need to try. Or you must get help from a team of the best SEO company in Ludhiana, SEO company will surely help you to engage more and more people to your business so that you can get more profit.

The new ways to get more online reviews include-:

  • Provide 5-Star Service
  • Offer Employee Incentives
  • Follow Review Site Guidelines
  • Take Advantage of Yelp Check-Ins & Offers
  • Review Postcards

These are explained below-:

Provide 5-Star Service

There are several businesses that are still disappointed with reviews even after providing 5-star. People usually review in two situations, such as-:

  • When they get bad service
  • or when they are truly satisfied with your service.

You have to focus on your service so that you can get more positive reviews on your webpage.

Review Postcards

You have to create a landing page and then try to place more links to your company’s profile to check the website’s performance. This will help you to get more reviews on your online business.

Or you can design a postcard with the URL of that website where you want to get your customer. And then you must hang out these to your customer, it will help you to reach more customers and get positive reviews.

Get benefit of Yelp Check-Ins

You can also go with Yelp Check-Ins, this will allow your customer to check-in to your business. And when a user checks-in to your page, he indirectly reaches the yelp page. This yelp page has a button of “Leave a Review”. This will help you to get more online reviews.

Offer Employee Incentives

You must offer incentives to your employees to earing several positive reviews. Or you can also give them an award or gift for this work. In this case, they spread their workload to their team and try to get more online reviews.

Or you can also instruct your staff, that they must remind the customer to leave a review of your service. In this case, you will get more positive reviews on your online business.

Follow Review Site Guidelines

This is one of the best ways to get more reviews, you must check the guidelines. If you do not know about guidelines, then you must check the guidelines for the review sites. Some guidelines are-:

  • Make sure, you don’t offer incentives to customers to leave a review.
  • You don’t try to leave reviews on behalf of your customers.
  • You also do not try to set up a “review kiosk” at your online business.

These are essential tips to get more online reviews on your business. If you are not following these ways, then you must start following them as soon as possible. You can also get help from SEO team.


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