Explosion Proof Split Air Conditioner

There are many different types of air conditioners that are designed, especially for various reasons. The first air conditioners are essential central air conditioner, portable unit, window unit, geothermal unit, ductless, and the hybrid. The Explosion Proof Split Air Conditioner is used in highly risky and hazardous areas. They are designed as per the usage areas with large pieces of equipment. They can be fixed in the chemical plants, offshore gas plants, and some risky areas. They can withstand dangerous things as they contain explosion-proof components.

The central AC consists of the combined evaporator, compressor, and the condenser all together in one unit itself. This integrated unit is kept on the concrete slab or the roof near the area of foundation. From the group, some ducts run through the outer wall or even to the roof, which is available from the interior of the house. It helps in returning the fresh air inside the home. This kind of air conditioners can be fixed with the set of heat coils or even to the furnace of the natural gas interior of the building.

AC with Integrated Components:

Explosion Proof Split Air Conditioner

The ductless, mini-split air conditioners are a perfect option for the houses which do not have the ductwork. They have an integrated compressor and the condenser with indoor air handling units. The units are fixed to the wall with the attachment of the blowers. The tubing is available for connecting the indoor and outdoor units. This helps in circulating the refrigerant between the groups. In the house, each and every room will have the unit separately. It helps in cooling, especially the specified place, such as the window unit. For fixing this kind of air conditioner, it is not necessary to tear the wall. The temperature of each and every room can be controlled independently without any disturbance. It is very efficient in energy. Yet, it is costly in case if you are needed to cool the entire house.

Common Air Conditioner:

The most common kind of air conditioner is the window units. This is very applicable to the single rooms. Every component of the air conditioner is enclosed and integrated into a single box itself. It is possible with the one thermostat gauge which is fitted in the slot. The slot is made in the wall where the air conditioner needs to be fixed. In case if the slot cannot be placed in the wall, then a single window sill is enough for the unit to sit.

Thus, these are the typical kinds of air conditioners which are used in safe places like house and offices. The precarious positions with the intrinsic and extrinsic climatic conditions require the ex-proof air conditioners. They are not easily available, and if one needs the air conditioner, it has to be booked, especially by mentioning the purpose. This will help the company to design the air conditioner for the specified user with the necessary specifications suitable for the hazardous condition. They look similar to the standard air conditioners but have a unique cabinet design.

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