Like any company, a good digital marketing consultant must have a brand, need to have values, do not fall into the fallacy of creating an “express” use your name, get out. Creating a value brand makes people connect better with you, people who buy your idea are automatically affected by the trigger of similarity, and it’s easier for you to make friends and networking. The visit to happens to be perfect there.

Think of a scalable business model

Contrary to what many people think, the digital marketing consulting market is rather scalable. You can scale in two ways, the first: Increasing the amount charged. The second way to scale the business is by migrating to a digital agency, believe there is even more market within digital agencies than behind the consultancies themselves.

When you master the entire process of a digital marketing consulting you can easily delegate the operational tasks to employees, freelancers or even business partners, and you’re left with only the part of the strategy that is the key to making the business work.

In order to become a digital marketing expert, do you know where to start?

According to experts, a shortcut to be taken into account in order to avoid making a fool of himself is to study communication and marketing, Felipe adds, citing that he should be close to the great professionals of the area already with the baggage of the market, and Dennis ends by citing the potential of the groups in the networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) for intensive learning, because for him the graduation does not shape the professional, he has to want more and go beyond. If you are following these complementary steps indicated by the three, you are on the right track; if you are not already exploring any of them, it’s time to get started.

How to keep constantly updated?

Experts indicate blogs, books and refresher courses, Felipe already completes indicating the creation of some lists with great references in Facebook, for example, and Dennis finalizes adding the active participation in groups and forums because there is always an exchange of knowledge and there are usually debates very interesting. Keeping up to date constantly is a must in the digital marketing arena.

What are the best practices for social media?

For Experts, you should always start with diagnosis, then planning and every operation should have clear KPIs and reports, without it all it’s just amateurism. For Felipe, there are many strategies and good practices, but the main one is to take into consideration that will receive the content, as well as perform monitoring in your business and the competitor. Dennis ends by saying that each strategy has its best practice, but in general, you should think about how to help people who follow your business and interact with them when needed. Diagnosis, planning, monitoring and “adding value” to the follower with complete certainty are very complementary and efficient indications put into practice.

What social media marketing techniques do you need to become a subject matter expert?

Learn to do research, interpret data, monitor what people are talking about, create a content line, measure results, and know how to justify them. But do not be too attached to it, because techniques do not define a professional, because everything goes much further since some techniques work in certain cases and in others, not.

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