Ex proof air conditioner

There are vast and many varieties of air conditioners available in the market. Everything cannot be fixed at home. Some can do fixed but some are specially for heavy-duty like industries and offices. They consume more power when it runs. So it needs the industrial supply line to run through. Many air conditioners are made by low consumption of power supply and some are at the usual state. The brand and the quality results in the air conditioner’s life span. There is a type of Ex proof air conditioner  that flows well in the market. Here there will be a brief about the split air conditioner and which can be used at the home. Later that we can understand how to save the power consumption while using an air conditioner at home.

Types of the split conditioner:

Ex proof air conditioner

Majorly there are about 6 different types of split conditioners in the market. They are as follows

  • Wall-mounted- engineer fits AC
  • Wall-mounted- easy fits AC
  • Ceiling fitS AC
  • Water filled split AC
  • Duct mount AC
  • Multi-split AC

Wall-mounted- engineer fits AC:

This split AC has a different type of style, cooling capacity, and a variety of functionalities. This cannot fix just very easily it should be mounted outside of the building. It is made of such a structure. So, the installation process is quite costlier than the other types. But it ends up with good finish after the AC gets fixed on the wall.

Wall-mounted- easy fits AC:

As per its mane, it does not need more manpower to get a fix on the wall these are easily attachable and removable kinds of air conditioners. But because of the quality changes and the improvement in this type requires the refrigerator engineer. There is a single drawback that is with this type in the umbilical cord.

Ceiling fits AC:

This is mostly fixed in the offices which can fix on the ceiling and it provides the cooling in all the directions. This is a highly recommended air conditioner for the software offices. Its bridge supplies the cooling air to all the sides, it has 4 edges from that the cooling air comes out to fill the chill condition.

Water filled split AC:

This is easy to move like the other movable air conditioner. But this type of conditioner needs the water to be filled properly before the use. By that, only the conditioner gives the cooling air. If the water is low it gives only the air which our normal fan gives.

Duct mount AC:

This is very apt for the newly constructing buildings. Because of the duct, they can hide the wires and their connections neatly inside the wall. this is about a centralized air conditioner which supplies cool air to all 360-degree range.

Multi-split AC:

This has more than one outer block and contains one inner block to show up. This does not have much difference from the others but still, their structure occupies more space and gives some issues when it has a problem to clear with it.

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