dental implants

Skin DoctorDental clinicIn the world, there are a lot of people who have lost teeth problems. Teeth will never grow after 10 to 12 years. For the sportsperson, the teeth must be important. They do not have any idea while losing his/her teeth while playing and they don’t know what to do now, dental implants, dental implants , dental implants doha it’s the only way to replace our teeth. It is the best way.

  •     What can we do after teeth loss? 

After the teeth loss, we can use it to protect our teeth with DENTAL IMPLANTIt is the best way in which all types of your loss the teeth.

  •     What is a dental implant?

Dental Implant is like natural teeth. We can fix other teeth in missing places. The Dental Implant can be fixed in 3 materials CROW ABUTMENT IMPLANT we can fix your teeth. It is the only way to replace our teeth. Hyaluronic acid fillers are still been the materials which have been used for filling our tooth.

  •     How dental implant function?

It is a different way of fixing loss teeth. It functions as an original tooth. We can replace our teeth 3,4, and 8 you can. It is help full for the sportsperson. For example: if we play boxing the Punch’s may hit the teeth it will breakdown that so we can use dental implants.

  •     Why should we replace our missing teeth?

If we don’t replace our missing teeth it will spoil other teeth structure. After 5 or 10 days the other teeth will break down our full structure of teeth will collapse. It will affect our brain and a lot of body structure. Our teeth are connected with nerve ofter longs days gone it will be dangerous to our body health. So we must set other teeth.

  •     There are two best types of implant  
  •     Endosteal 

Endostea is a connective tissue with vascular members. It covers the inner surface. Bony tissue form the long Bones.

  •     Subperiosteally 

It covers the outer surface to expect the particulars surface

  •     Treatment

The treatment of the dental implant takes one week.

  •     Amount of dental implant

The amount of Dental Implant in Indian Rupees is 30,000-45,000. It is less amount in India. In

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Americans dollar 1000-3000 USD

  •     Important

Implant simulating the function feel, look like function ordinary teeth. Place the teeth with the help of root teeth. It is the replacement of missing teeth. It helps to maintain the bone structure strong. It helps to chew the food. It gave a cute smile to patients. It helps to give strong teeth and gave a body strong strength. Lossing’s bone is a significant part of the natural tooth. Once we lose the teeth they can never grow in any way after the age of 12-13years. There are 32 teeth in our mouth. There were upper jaws and lower jaws. In the upper jaws, there are 14 teeth are there and in the lower jaws there are 14 teeth are there 32 teeth are there. Our teeth will help to bits a lot of foods like chicken, vegetables, ice cream, and a lot. After eating this food we want to brush our teeth. In a day we want to brush two times after getup and before going to bed.

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