The tension roller is a component of the timing belt assembly. Structurally, the roller is located on a movable axis and serves to maintain the belt in constant tension. This condition is necessary to ensure satisfactory operation of the power unit. It is no secret that the belt drive is quite tangible to the degree of tension. If the degree of tension exceeds the norm, then the timing devices water pump, bearings of the crankshaft and camshaft and generator will be affected by great efforts, and they will wear out to a greater extent. A visit to happens to be there now.

Also, it is impossible to exclude the wear of the teeth of the belt itself, which significantly reduces its working life. With a slight tension, the belt will slip, which will lead to a malfunction of the valve timing. Therefore, in order to ensure a normally-stable belt tension, the timing drive is equipped with such a device as a tension roller. The roller itself is a metal or plastic pulley with a smooth working edge. Structurally, it is located on radial bearings and bolted. The idler roller bolt is the mounting component of this fixture.

Like many devices, locking moving devices are subject not only to vibration impulses, but also to wear.  When someone talks about the hydraulic system already seems a complicated thing, right? But did you know that with some day-to-day care you can keep it running right yourself? That’s right. Of course, in some cases, you will need a specialist, but with these tips, you can avoid clogging and other minor problems.

For starters, it is important to choose quality parts.

Most of the hydraulic system is under the floors and behind the walls, you will have to break and make that dirt if you need to change something. Ever thought that work? So choose pipes, finishes, boxes, logs, drains and everything from durable and durable material. The pipes that pass hot water need to be very resistant and durable, ok? In this case, the tip is the materials made of copper.

And if the installation is very old, probably the pipes are iron, because in the past it was common to use all of this material. But, this has a serious problem. Since iron is a rusting material, water may start to come out reddish. And if that happens, it’s time to change, see? The tip is to replace the iron pipes with the PVC ones.

Another tip is to install a log in every water point you have in your home.

So if a problem happens and you need to close the registry, only one area will be without water. Now if you use a single log for everything when you need to close it, it will cut the water from the whole house. Have you thought?

Install a box of grease in the kitchen plumbing. This is where all the waste that comes out of the pans, plates and cutlery will accumulate after you wash the dishes. If all this goes to the sewer, the risk of clogging the pipes is too great. And since the grease box is under the sink, you can take it out to clean. Always leave the drains plugged to prevent any dirt from coming down the pipe. In the sink drains, the tip is to put protective screens.

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