In human life, there are numerous kinds of characters we people will see in our day to day life. But the focus of one’s mind and the lifestyles of one are will differ from person to person. But for the people who were having the mindset that, food and fun make the man’s life happy and delightful, the city called Salem will be a good and apt choice. Because that is like heaven in the world, most especially in the United States of America. People may search about that cit through the link: . The people who were born in such a city are like the luckiest people ever, because life is all about fun and happiness. While I have been there in a city, Salem I enjoyed it a lot and the best time of my life is there only. That is the best place for every season and every festival of American people, the city is always in the hands of enjoyment. For all the age groups people will enjoy their days while they have been in the city, Salem. The reason behind all these words is only can be realized and not can be explained through the words. But I just tried my best to explain these all in this article.

The reasons for happiness by the city, Salem:

Salem city is in the Oregon state like Seattle which is famous for everything and the large numbers of people are surviving in it. In this Salem city also, we can see people from various countries like Canada, Russia, France, and Italy and so on. The most valuable reason behind the city is nothing but the food. The people could not survive without some things in their life, one among them is food, and in this city, food is like a diamond. That much delicious food can be available in Salem city. There are some hotels which are like heaven where the foodies will visit often and consume the rich food items from there. The hotel named Word of Mouth which is in the street of Northeast Neighbors. In this hotel, I felt the family like bistro and hospitality from it. They are very well known for American breakfasts and lunches. The servers are very kind and had very much patience for their customers while getting orders, even to the children. They always focus on maintaining the environment in a friendly manner. The most lovely thing that I have admired from it is, they are having the small bell-like in a church, for the customers whoever are moving from their hotel they should shake it to make a bell sound to mean that they are leaving and they want to say bye to the servers and the hotel, so when a girl child shake it, every server said thank you and bye to the girl and smiled at her. This may be like a childish thing but it was very new to me while I went there for the first time for my lunch. There are lots of restaurants which are the experts in making the American, Italian, even Chinese cuisines in a well-delicious way.

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