leather making workshop singapore

We all know about the leather made shoes, bags, belts, sweaters, bedsheets, etc… but only some know about how the leather manufactured and from where it is removed. First, the leather is taken from the skin of some hard animals like cow, lion, goat, and tiger. When the animal is dead its skin is removed and cleaned. Then it is laid in sunlight for a day to make it dry. The animal skin is taken from only after it is dead. If the animal is killed for leather it is illegal and any of the countries will not permit it. After the skin removal process, the removed skin is brought to the industries to make the further process.

There is much online leather making workshop singapore .

With the help of this workshop, we can get some ideas about the leather manufacture. They also sell some of their products online. In Singapore, most of the leather products are imported from Italy and America where the leather is famous and high in production.

leather making workshop singapore

In industry, the first process is to remove the salt that presents in the dead animal skin. It is put on a rolling machine to remove the salt particles. Then the skin is soaked with lime this process is known as blaming. In this, the unwanted proteins are removed and a fiber structure is formed here. By using the fleshing machine the unwanted matters are restricted by the cutting blades present in it. Here the leather gets some more thickness. Next, the leather undergoes the trimming process here the edges are curved finely so the leather could get a fine structure. And then the leather is split into two layers named upper and the lower layer. The upper layer is known as the top grain layer and the lower layer is named as a split layer.

Then the leather is kept in a rotating machine to undergo tanning process. After this process, the leather could get heat resistance and flex resistance. And finally, the leather is checked for any mistakes or holes in it. The shaving machine makes uniform thickness the leather. After complete drying, the wrinkles are removed from the leather. By placing it in a hot plate the water present in the leather will be dried for the stretching process. Some leather will have scratches in it. The scratches will be cleared by applying some gum like chemicals.

After finish these workers it is measured by a machine automatically. And then it is colored. If you see the leather after manufacturing it looks smooth and shines. This is why leather products are high in costs. True leather will stay 10 years of its life. And if it is torn we can replace it once. But it should be maintained properly.

The true leather product will not be much attractive like synthetic or artificial leather. But true leather gives life and quality. Some of the shoes will tear soon if it is rinsed in water and soap but the leather slippers will not affect after rinsing in water too. Mostly it is used by luxurious people, because of its cost.

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