The dining table has a special place in the kitchen. All family members gather behind him, not only to eat, but also to chat or chat with guests. If the kitchen is small, then sometimes the surface of the table is also used as an additional work surface. Therefore, the requirements for choosing a dining table are the highest and depend on the purpose of its use. It is important to pay attention not only to its decorative qualities but also to strength, durability, methods of care. Let’s figure out which dining table will be ideal for the whole family. You can visit flakko.nl for more options.

What size should a kitchen dining table be?


Firstly, all family members should be comfortably accommodated behind it and even a little free space should remain. The minimum width of the dining table is 80-85 cm, and the length depends on how many people will gather for it regularly as far as the size of the kitchen allows you. A table with a width of more than 105 cm is considered not very convenient. At such a table it is difficult to reach for food, besides, comfort is lost and it is difficult to communicate.

How to choose the shape of the dining table?

The market offers tables of various shapes square, rectangular, round, oval. In designer models you can find tables of the most incredible forms. A rectangular table is considered a classic of the genre. It can be conveniently positioned anywhere, put forward in the center of the kitchen, put near the wall. Also, manufacturers offer folding tables. Square tables are considered the most spacious and save space. It is completely ideal for small kitchens.

The round table always looks more elegant, and in a house where there are children, it is also the safest, because it does not have sharp corners. A round table can fit much more people than a rectangular one of the same area. The oval table combines all the advantages of a round and rectangular table. Its a great option for a large family. A variant is a semicircular table, which, if necessary, can be folded and unfolded.

Choosing a dining table for a small kitchen

Based on the foregoing, the best option for a small kitchen is a semicircular dining table. There is an opportunity to save space. Transformer tables are compact, and thanks to special mechanisms save precious square meters.

Choosing a dining table for a large kitchen

Almost any option will look perfect here. A roomy table will look harmonious, but a small table will simply be lost in a large space. In this case, it is better to place it near the wall. Oval or long rectangular kitchen tables will look harmonious.

How to choose the material for the kitchen dining table

Of course, the material should be strong, wear-resistant, easy to care for, not afraid of moisture, resistant to mechanical damage.The wooden dining table is able to serve for decades and perfectly retains its appearance. Such tables become a full decoration of the classic style of the interior, where wooden objects are already present.

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