Houston Electricity Plans

High energy rates are a nightmare, and you might be facing the same issue even if you are hustling hard to save some money. So, what can you do? Avoid your extra energy use to make sure that you are on the cheapest possible tariff. Now, most people think it is a  minute work, but it takes at least 20 days to shift your routine.

Although, several factors are responsible for the energy rates and many of them are not under your hands, but you can control your energy rate bills by following a few simple rules.  Here’s how you can lower your Houston Electricity Plans .

Houston Electricity Plans

Seal the gaps under your doors

The gaps in between the floor and the doors can cause enormous effects on the bills, wondering how? Well, when cold breezes enter your room in the winter from those gaps, the temperature of the room is adversely affected. The same goes for the summer season when the hot air enters the house resulting in the rise of the temperature.

Follow these simple steps to avoid these issues:

  • Take up a 2-pack of the double draft seal.
  • After that just cut the foam tubes to fit the size and place it into the stretchy cover.
  • Place it under the door with the elastic straps to hold it in place.

The draft seals will keep everything tighten up resulting in the blockage of the cold and warm air along with the bugs. Ultimately, it lowers the AC or heater bills.

Replace the Aerator

In most of the washrooms of the houses the default aerator used allows the flow of 2 gallons of water in one minute. Because of this, the water is wasted more than the requirement. You can avoid the loss by using a lower aerator that will allow 1 gallon of water in 1 minute. This way you can save the water bills approximately 70 to 74%.

Lower down the Water heater

An interesting fact about the water heaters is, if you will decrease the temperature by 20 degrees, you can efficiently save 10% on your electricity bills. If you follow the instructions from the Department of Energy, you will come to know that they instruct to keep the setting of the water heater only up to 120 degrees. But, by default, you will find the water heater to be at 140 degrees when it is delivered by the manufacturers. You can save hundreds of dollars if you managed to understand the temperature game.

Use Your ceiling fan

We all use the ceiling fans in the summer, don’t we? But, have you ever thought of using the fan in the writers for the warm effect? Yes, this is possible in case you have an updated version of the fans. More than 5 years ago, the fans were characterized by clockwise and anticlockwise directional flows. If you switch the fan to a clockwise direction, you will experience cold air vise versa you will experience hot air due to the pressure effect.


I hope I could help you out in the best possible way.

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