Terrarium Singapore

The terrarium is generally known as gardens in a glass, it is to create and design its own elements in glass. The tiny ecosystem is also created for small plants. It brings some natural elements to our home or office for several years with proper care. It requires low maintenance while compared to other plants. They need only occasional maintenance for a good environment. To make this happen, we have to avoid some mistakes. The below content digs into a deep explanation of the Terrarium Singapore

Terrarium Singapore

Common terrarium mistakes

Too much light – For terrarium plants, they don’t need extreme bright light. If the object placed in extremely bright light or direct sun turns the glass into a magnifier and burns the plants. Inside the terrarium, the temperature will rise quickly and before we know it. Most of the plants will not tolerate this heat, so keep the terrarium out of the first sun and it was the best way to keep them alive for long days.

Too little light – On the other hand, too little light also causes a problem for the terrarium plants. All plants must need some amount of light to survive. If the terrarium is not getting enough indirect light then place the terrarium close to the window and ensure that the plants getting indirect light only.

Top close to hear sources – The hear that comes from the radiator or heating vent will also kill the plants in a quick manner. Most of the terrarium plants will not survive while placing it near the radiator or some other great source.

Overgrown plants –Don’t make the terrarium plants as overgrown and leggy, we have to concentrate on individual plants and also some decorative elements inside the terrarium. Cut the overgrown plants and crowded the terrarium after that it looks neat and tidy. We can also prune the roots to keeping it us small.

Failure to remove dying plants – if a terrarium plants look like dying or affected by disease then removed it immediately because it will turn into problems and it leads to affect the other plants also. Long spoons or chopsticks are used to remove the dying plants and be very careful not to disturb other plants’ roots. Replace the plants with similar sizes as soon as possible. Check the roots that are surrounded by soil by not leaving any air pockets.

Dirty Glass

Once in a week, clean the glass both inside and outside because if the glass is foggy or too dirty lead affect the light to reach the plants in a difficult manner. If we clean the glass with water, leave the top of the terrarium until is dried out.


Fertilizers are not needed for most of the terrarium plants. We have to keep the terrarium plants small, so don’t feed the plants because all plants will grow quickly and outgrown from the glass.

Choosing the Wrong Plants

In a terrarium, we can grow anything when it is possible. In that, we choose the correct plants to thrive in terrarium types for creating. Plants that prefer a moisture environment are the best choice for designing a closed terrarium. Combining the plants with the same light requirements is also the most important thing. Generally, low light plants work best.

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