matcha tea powder

Matcha green tea – benefits and uses


matcha tea powder

Is matcha tea is the powerful antioxidant powerhouse? Of course, it is a powerful antioxidant powerhouse. Antioxidants will be occurring naturally in the chemical compounds that help in the prevention of aging and chronic diseases. Nowadays a variety of vegetables, as well as the fruits, is loaded with for their properties which are antioxidants which lead to the host of products with claims. But matcha green tea which is made with matcha tea powder is not in comparison with more antioxidants exponentially in any other foods.

Uses of matcha tea

With the use of the method known as oxygen radical observance capacity and the experts has discovered that matcha possesses 20 times more than blueberries and pomegranates. In this context we say many times about the antioxidants, what how are antioxidants will be helpful to our body? The defense agents of the body are the antioxidants, and there is a chemical compound which helps in the chronic diseases and as well as the aging, in a simpler way we can tell that they will fight against the diseases and various infections.

This matcha green tea is containing the important class as well as a unique antioxidant known as the catechins. These are not found in any other foods. The important feature of this antioxidants is the help in fighting cancer.  The most important thing is this is EGCG that is epigallocatechin gallate, with the other catechins will be counteracting the effects of the free radicals from the likes of the UV rays, radiation, pollution and the chemicals which will be leading to the damage of the cells as well as the DNA. Over 60% of this catechins are in this matcha green tea, and if you are taking this as a daily habit, it will be helping in restoring and the preservation of the integral of the body and the balance as well as the comfort or the well-being of the human body..


This is a detox deluxe, this is a calorie burner, and this is the energy booster. And if your diet and if you want to lose the weight as this much green tea is free of calories this will be adding the great addition for the program of weight loss by tackling the problem from all the sides. This will be burning the calories four times than what you have done for burning the calories. This does not have any side effects like any other weight loss supplements, and this want to increase the blood pressure for heart rate the best, and the safest alternative for the quick fixes for the medicines are the pharmaceuticals which you are taking every day.

So its time for everyone to change themselves and include antioxidants in their diet as the world is becoming a victim for deadly cancer due to various reasons including the lifestyle and the diet. Add the cup of tea every day in your diet and see the change.


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