repeat pattern design

The pattern is a word that is dear to us, right? We are experiencing this word every day in our routine life. Yes, even I am also experiencing in my daily life. Generally, the pattern is a design, right? Did you hear about the repeat pattern design ? We can see two versions of the pattern that I am experiencing in my daily life every day. I love to give a gift to others. So, I went to gift shops regularly. I wonder how the gift wrappers so attractive and beautiful? Do you think ever about this the attractiveness of the gift wrapper? I am always attracted to them. I wondered and asked the shop keeper about this attractiveness? He also answered, but the answer is very simple, and that is a pattern. He told the pattern lies inside the wrappers. Yes, they are using the same and different patterns to attract us. Yes, they worked well, right? We love gifts. And the other one is done you hear about a pattern using in the production and manufacturing department. If you want to know about the production, then you will know about the casting method. Casting is the heart of production and manufacturing. It is not about the movie casting, ok? It is about production casting. Likewise, the pattern is also a key for casting. Yes, in other words, the pattern is the heart of the casting.


repeat pattern design

Yeah, I saw casting materials in my production lab during my college days. It is effective and economical too. So, they are irreplaceable in this industry. Do you know the mold? Mould is also important for casting. We should pour the metallic liquids into the molds. And the press it and then make them with our desire shapes. We can make a desire to shape whatever shape we want. Then what about the pattern? We installed patterns before we pour it in the mold. Then we should remove the pattern before we pour it in the mold. Here the pattern is nothing, but it is a replica model of the actual model. Do you know the fact? This replica model is bigger than the actual model.

Do you know what the reason is? The reason is simple, and that is a defect or an allowance. Can you see the product without defects? Can I ask you something? Can you make a product without the allowance? Allowance is the major defect of any product. Did you hear the thermodynamics laws? There are three laws, right? The simple is you are not transferring your energy 100% likewise, it is applicable for the product also. You cannot make a product without the defects or allowance, right? This is the fact of the world. This is only a reason for the pattern is bigger than the actual model. We think that we can equalize the allowance and equalize the product losses. There are many pattern allowances available at product defects. But shrink allowance is an important one. Yes, it is a major defect or major allowance that occurred in the product. This is one phase of the pattern only, right? There are many faces of patterns available around the world, ok?

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