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With the boom of the internet, everything has gone online. From basic needs to furniture, one can purchase almost everything online. When it comes to home decor, rugs have become an integral part of any shopping list. While making a purchase at a shop or store, one cannot enjoy good deals and discounts. Hence, people prefer shopping online as they can go for a good discount.

There are plenty of designer rugs online stores which specialize in rugs of different kinds.

Sometimes you must have wondered as to why rugs are so expensive and why you need to make sure you have cracked a good deal while making the purchase.

It is obvious for the handmade and customized rugs to have heavy pricing, but sometimes a normal size rug too can prove heavy on your pocket.

It is very important for you to understand to make of the rug you are going for as it is an online store and you shall not be able to feel the rug or its material in your hand.

Do proper research in any local market for the rugs and their make. Only when you are thorough with all the knowledge you need, and then go for the online shopping spree.

What a rug is made of matters. The material a rug is made of will determine the quality of the rug and affect how long it lasts. The main difference between materials often lies in their durability and clean-ability.

designer rugs online

Rugs are most commonly made of either natural fibres – like wool or silk – or synthetic materials – like nylon or polyester.


A sturdy natural fibre, wool rugs are generally a more expensive option. This is because wool rugs last for decades, are highly durable, and keep their colour and pattern over time. As a material, a rug made of wool will have a more soft and plush texture than its synthetic counterparts.


Second, to wool in its durability, silk rugs are coveted for their high-shine and luscious texture. Silk rugs tend to be extremely expensive, and they require professional cleaning, making them not the best fit for homes with kids, pets, or heavy foot traffic.


A less expensive, synthetic alternative, nylon is known for its durability. This makes it a good choice for high-traffic areas. Conversely, the material is highly absorbent, meaning a nylon rug can be easily ruined by spills.


Another inexpensive and synthetic option, polyester is a less absorbent material, rendering it is more stain-resistant. That said, polyester is a less durable material, and rugs made from it tend to fall apart more easily and quickly.

What the rug is dyed with:

Rugs are generally given their colour with either natural, usually vegetable-based, dyes or chemical dyes.

Natural dyes tend to be more lightfast, meaning they will not fade over time. Rugs dyed with natural options take more labour to produce, making them more expensive.

Chemical dyes are a much cheaper alternative. Depending on the dye and method of the dying process, these options tend to fade much quicker (even after a few months of foot traffic).

Value over time

While not so much a factor in the cost of a rug, another point to consider before you make a purchase is that rugs keep their value over time.

Like investing in a piece of art, quality rugs can be resold later and retain much of their original value. If cared for properly, they can last decades and be passed down as a family heirloom.

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