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You are traveling for the first time with a camper you will probably do this for the first time with a rental camper. You can rent a camper for different prices you have the less luxurious motorhomes and the luxury motorhomes which of course also cost a bit more. There are also options to share campers. You can find deals on different sites where you can find nice campers. Nice for someone who has a night off, looking around for a great deal? For the smart motor home hire this is important.

Choosing the camper

As just said, there are different campers in all different shapes and sizes. You have larger campers for the whole family, but also small campers for the couples who enjoy traveling together. It is true that a large camper is often experienced as finer, but that is understandable, you often have a shower, a toilet and a chemical toilet.

As if you are driving around with your house. Also, take into account the gasoline costs of the motorhome. Larger motorhomes drink more gasoline than smaller motorhomes do. It is nice to know if you are going to make many kilometers with your rental camper.

Consider well where you want to go

motor home hire

You are planning to travel with the camper, but where are you all going? It is smart to plan your journey in advance. This is also smart for choosing your motorhome, of course, you should not rent an unsuitable motorhome for the terrain you are driving on. Furthermore, we recommend making the first trip to the Netherlands, so you learn to drive well with the camper and the Netherlands is, after all, a very beautiful country with a lot to see. If you are going abroad, we recommend that you read the rules carefully beforehand, for example about wild camping with your camper.

Compare well in advance

As most people do, it is wise to first compare. It may be that there are rental companies that have great offers. You can benefit from this when you have compared each provider and the great thing is that we have a comparator where you can easily and quickly compare all providers for the best motorhome rental deal.

Renting a motorhome has a lot of feet in the ground. Luckily there is Camper time to make it easy for you. In this file, we give you a solid foundation for your rental adventure. In this way, you will not be confronted with unpleasant surprises afterward, because you have forgotten to clean your rental camper before you return it. Good trip.

From a first introduction

For many, a camper is an unknown world. You see them driving around, you see one appearing in your street, neighbors or family have one, and the seed is planted. Upon hearing the enthusiastic stories and anecdotes, the seed becomes a germ. Ultimately, curiosity takes the upper hand and you take your first steps in the camper world. And renting a motorhome is the way to find out if this formula is for you. If you are a complete layman, then this will be an adventure: traveling with a camper cannot be compared to an all-in flight holiday. Here you are on your way with a studio on wheels. A studio where you have to turn on a boiler to be able to shower with hot water, turn on the gas to make your stove and heating work, and charge your batteries to have power.

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