Power to Choose Texas

One of the benefits of being a resident of Texas is that you can choose your own electricity provider. Many people have no idea that they could compare which provider is giving the best energy rates.

The public utility commission of Texas has chosen Power to Choose Texas as the official website for energy consumers. This is the best resource for a consumer to compare plans and find which electricity provider has the cheapest energy rates.

Why Power To Choose

Power to choose is the most unbiased resource you are going to find as an electric consumer. They have detailed comparisons of the energy plans of various electricity providers. You will also have a better shopping experience with PTC. All the retail electricity providers are completely free to list their plans and rates on the website.

Few Benefits of Power To Choose:

  • It is run by the Texas public utility commission which makes it very trustworthy.
  • It is the most unbiased website you will find for Texas electricity providers.
  • You will be able to save money on your energy bill by finding the best plan.
  • Ability to narrow down electricity providers in your area by entering zip codes.

Texas electricity providers offer various plans. You could choose from them depending on your energy usage. Some of the plan types are:

Power to Choose Texas

Fixed-Term Plans

In this plan, your price is protected for a fixed term of the contract. The electricity facts label is fixed for the contract term.

Variable-Rate Plans

This is a month to month basis plan where you don’t have to be bound by long term contracts. Also, you don’t have to worry about cancellation fees.

Renewable Plans

In this plan, only the electricity generated through renewable sources such as solar and wind is provided.

Prepaid Plan

This is a pay as you use an energy plan where you have to pay for only the amount of energy you consume.

Average Billing

This plan allows you to manage your budget by allowing you to avoid rate spikes that you face in peak season.

The Texas energy market was deregulated in 2002. This means more competition amongst electricity providers which directly benefits the consumers as more competitors mean fewer energy rates and attractive plans. This could especially be good for a new business or homeowner who is just getting started and could benefit from it immensely.

Before the deregulation consumers didn’t have any choice and were forced to go with a single provider. But after the deregulation they can choose from dozens of various electricity providers. Power To Choose gives a consumer the ability to compare energy rates based on price, company rating and many other parameters. If you shop smartly then you could save a huge amount on your energy bill.

Power to choose is not only unbiased but it allows every electric provider in Texas to list their energy offers for free. Similarly, you are 100% free to compare from all the plans and choose the plan that is right for you and will help in saving your money.

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