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Escaping occurs when you need to survive in that place. It happens in two different ways. One is to need for survival and another one is to have success. The common thing on both sides is to have self-security.

Adventures people always search for a thrilling experience. Such people are offered a game of escaping travels.

Game of escape room

For such traveller’s there comes an escape games . It includes some significant features. It is different from other games. Because ordinary games have some repeated tasks which are slightly different from one another. But this escape game has unrepeated thrilling tasks. It turns us in surprise rounds.

About the game

escape games

It’s like playing a video game in real life. It’s a theme designed Story. A single man can’t play the game it will be always grouped. You should be Cooperative always with your gang to find the clues.

Rules to be followed

Some rules to have a safe adventure. The main goal is to solve the puzzle and come out of the room. Based on the theme you have your place of adventure.

Time limitation plays a role. It is to keep you rushing of thrill. The maximum game time limitation is about 60 min. The goal is also theme dependent.

It’s a very popular game

First, you are instructed to sign a paper agreement before entering.

Late starting to minimize your time to reach your success so be on time.

You should follow your game host. If you want to be safe you should follow the rules carefully.


Don’t break anything inside the room if you broke it will take you to the injury. Don’t take any firing substance like lighters inside it may turn into an uncontrollable fire. You should not do all these things inside because it causes injury to you. The injury will reduce your time management there. These are all common rules in the escape games.


Following the host will reveal you some clues so watch him carefully. If you find clues only you can solve the puzzles.

Less injury will increase your time so safety is important.

Movies found based on escaping

Some movies are released based on the theme of the escape room.


In this movie, the director assigned a group of friends. The story begins with them in an unknown place with losing their memory. And then they started to solve the cube together and reach the place of their destination.

Panic room(2002)

A mother with her child went to a new house. Some days after there started to happen mysteries. both of them stayed inside the panic room. The mother likes to save her daughter. She started to solve the Riddles. In this movie, the director plays a horror adventure with sweet to make this film how some.

Fermat’s room(2007)

In this movie, four people’s experts in their field are given the task of solving the game. They finally find their way, work together to solve the Riddles. This story has a great concept.

Janson Stroud( Nov13,2008)

He combines his story with thrill based puzzles with different genres.


This film follows strict rules to solve the puzzles. It is started with 8 candidates. They must answer before the ticking clock reaches zero. Sounds like an escape room. The time duration will be 6 min. The movie has more puzzles with less horror.

Escape room movie released in the US and received great attention. They planed to release part 2 on Jan1 2021.


Among these films and games, 60 OUT Receives the superior place. It has more than 20 themes and immersive escape rooms with designed adventures and with varied level. Play safe otherwise you lose you.

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