BMW Service in Austin

The country of Europe is mostly renowned for producing the best quality vehicles. The truth is many of the iconic European car brands and manufacturers are having their origins in many countries such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, and also the country of the Netherlands. Many of the brands come and go but some of them are only stray long in the world. In Modern day European car brands such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Renault, and the last one is Mercedes Benz. These companies are keeping the tradition alive by producing cars and they are producing the best quality and then stylish vehicle. The most famous one is BMW Service in Austin . Every European car manufacturers always give creative boundaries to produce vehicles like design, efficiency, and then innovations.

BMW Service in Austin

To compare American and Japanese cars, that European car has a special place in car marketing. Now we are going to explain about the most popular European cars from 2005 to today. And then the European manufacturers also covered the petrol or diesel engine vehicle.

Some Car Brands and Its Features:

The most famous car brands are BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Renault, and then Mercedes Benz. This company also covers some of the variety of car sizes that are Hatchbacks, Sedans, 4WD, Wagons, Utility Trucks, and then Minivans. These are the main and important ones is the choice of many of the Australians.


This is called as Hatchback BMW 120i is the most popular one in the hatchback models. This is the classic 1 series that replaced the 3 series compact model in 2004. And this car is having a five-door hatchback so that it is very easy and efficient handling and this type of car always gives a smooth ride. And some of them having Urban Line that the package of front and rear bumpers that are done in by the matte finish air intakes. And then some of the 17” alloy wheels are designed in the double wheel style and dual chrome tailpipes.


Audi A1 was the first introduction by the German car manufacturer. This is the initial entry to the compact hatchback market and this was mostly gaining popularity as a quaint but this type of car having the elegant driving solution to urban living. Audi engine features are innovative ESP systems that having transfer excess torque from the inside front wheel to the outside wheel. That will generate more power on the road. The first production is Audi A1 featured which has four-cylinder engines with two TDI diesel engines and two TFSI gasoline engines and then 122 horsepower.


In 2017 Volkswagen Golf gives a significant upgrade from its previous models. Most of the changes include upgrades in design and driving comfort. This type of car has LED lights and decorative panels in its doors, center console, and the important one is the dash panel. Volkswagen golf was also called a CrossGolf. Volkswagen Golf has launched the new line of 6th generation that is the series. And it has some of the features of the dual-clutch transmission system. This will give us a comfortable ride.

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