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Cathedral terraces: Of 800 square meters, access to this area can be done either by lift or on foot. The row to access the elevator is located almost behind the Duomo, while the one for the stairs is clearly visible on the left side of the structure.

From the Duomo’s terrace, in addition to the wonderful spiders and other structural features, you can admire the Cadorna Skyscraper, the Sforzesco Castle, the Branca Tower, the Velasca Tower, the Porta Garibaldi towers, the Pirelonne, the Breda tower, the new Palace of Lombardy and all of Milan. These are the parts of the milan tours.

Hours: every day from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm, the last ticket at 6.00 pm

Ticket price: $ 9.00 with ascent on foot (reduced $ 4.50) – $ 13.00 with lift (reduced $ 7.00)

Scroll of S.Carlo

The Scroll (so called from the dialectal word milieu that is the subterranean chapel or chapel, the environment usually devoid of light, precisely dark) is located under the presbytery of the Cathedral, next to the Crypt ( Female Chapel ). It was designed in 1606 by Francesco Maria Richini, commissioned by Cardinal Federico Borromeo; already appears sufficiently completed and decorated in time for the Saint’s Canonization (November 1, 1610), thus constituting the homage of the Milanese and their Archbishops to St. Charles.

The small room has an octagonal plan, with alternately unequal sides, originally surmounted by a large skylight: the Scuola is preceded by a classical pseudo-pronaos that at the same time divides it from the female Chapel. The walls are decorated, below, with onyx-walnut bases, with mirrors of marble in the Milanese baroque style and with large squares of gold-red brocade, with the Borromeo crest and the Humilitas family motto.

milan tours

The heart of the Scuola is the crystal and silver urn designed by Cerano, which houses the body of Saint Charles. The face of the Saint is covered by a mask, also in silver, commissioned by Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini during his episcopal ministry as Archbishop of Milan (1954 – 1963).

Hours: Monday to Friday, from 11:00 to 17:30, Saturday from 11:00 to 17:00 while on Sunday from 13:30 to 15:30

Ticket price: $ 3.00 full price – $ 2.00 for under 26s, schools and religious groups

Archeological area

Open to the public since 2009; the area preserves the monumental remains of the large episcopal complex of Milan, once erected there, where today the Duomo is.

Hours: every day from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, last ticket at 6:00 pm

Ticket price: $ 4.00 full price – $ 2.00 for under 26s, schools and religious groups

Great Cathedral Museum and Church of S.Gottardo in Corte

The great museum of the cathedral: The Museum was inaugurated in 1953, in order to collect the unused material on the Duomo, linked to its history and its construction. The presence of numerous artifacts has required more space and, for this reason, in the Sixties, the museum was expanded and reopened with the addition of another ten rooms, some of which are of great architectural prestige.

The Church of San Gottardo in Corte, located in Via Pecorari 2, is part of the itinerary to visit the Great Museum of the Cathedral, and is characterized by the “bell tower of the hours” on which the first public clock of the city was installed: its presence gave the name to the whole surrounding area, called ” Contrada Delle Ore “.

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