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Football is a popular sport worldwide. We will discover what makes football one of the most popular sports in the world or the factors conditioning the popularity of this most popular team sport around the world. For the Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur Tickets Tickets For Football the options are also there.

Football in numbers

Football is really a popular sport because there are nearly 2.2 million licensees despite the fact that only 800 footballers are professionals. Since a long time, this sport is the most practised in the world. Born in Great Britain in 1848, let us specify that the game of balloon appeared since 5000 years. To promote the popularity of football, approximately 350,000 volunteers support nearly 21,000 amateur clubs in France.

The objective of amateur clubs is to coach many children who are passionate about football that has become not only a sport but a hobby. The advantage of this game is multiple. This sport is suitable for all, the shy, for example, learn to integrate into a group. Children who are tall are perfect for playing the role of the goalkeeper. To love football, you have to know how to run and be disciplined. The football practices take place outdoors in winter as in summer.

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Football helps improve relations between parents. In some clubs, it is the parents who wash the 11 jerseys of the team alternately. The world of this professional sport attracts a lot of enthusiasts. In the world, nearly 270 million people play this sport. Its advantage is that it is practised on all surfaces: grass, concrete, sand. You can have fun with 2 or 20 players, with a real balloon or a ball of cloth using the goal cages or boxes canned.

Extremely popular footballers

Many people have become true legends like the Brazilian Pelé, Michel Platini, Zizou, Raymond Copa, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Their popularity is due in large part by their talent and the success of this sport. Their story and their journey are seen as a symbol of success. Their fortunes make envy many young people, fans of the sport.

Football, a spectacular sport

The world of football thrills millions of viewers, especially during tournaments such as the World Cup, the Euro and Ligue 1. For information, TF1 recorded in 2006 the best audience in the history of French television with 22.2 millions of viewers who watched the World Cup semi-final in front of their small screen.

Football, a New Planetary Religion

Football is a sport that is today characterized by its global reach and omnipresence in the media, especially television. This has not always been the case, and in some countries, for example, the United States, it remains a minor sport. Let’s take a look at his story. We could compare football to possible ancestors. A French ball game like the Soule is sometimes quoted. But this attempt at filiation is misleading. The Soule spread until the nineteenth century in Brittany and Picardy is a popular game inseparable from rural society. Two camps clash. One cannot speak of teams, because the number of participants is random, as well as the limits of the ground. Organization and rules change from one place to another. You have to imagine a big scrum, interspersed with messy races. Each side seeks to move the Soule, sort of ball filled with hay, at the opponent, and this by all means.

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