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Getting dementia care is not cheap, and it can cost anywhere between 15 and 40% more than standard social care. This is because dementia care is not covered by the NHS as many people would hope, so people who require care often end up paying more. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing – it is necessary to ensure that the people you care about receive the right level of care. By reading on to find out more, you can make an informed decision.

London is the most expensive region to obtain residential care

Care home fees differ from one region to another. For instance, residential care in the North East of England costs around PS561 per week, whereas the same care in the South East costs nearly PS868. The price difference of residential care is almost $16,000 a year, with the former costing c.5% more. The cost of residential dementia care is also dependent on the type of care that the resident needs. The more specialized the care needs, the higher the cost.

Those who can afford it should look at a private care homes solihull  rather than a state-run facility. Although London is the most expensive region to obtain residential dementia care homes, it does offer a wider choice of state-funded care. Besides, a personal budget will give you more choice over state-funded care.

Costs vary widely across countries and regions

care homes solihull

The cost of a residential dementia care home in the UK varies greatly depending on location, but generally, costs are between PS30,000 and PS80,000 per year. The local authority doesn’t always foot the bill, and this can have repercussions for care arrangements. Although dementia care is considered a social need, costs for other medical conditions can be much higher. Unlike residential care homes, respite care homes offer live-in care for a few days a year.

Depending on the region and country, care home fees vary significantly. In Northern Ireland, the average care fee is PS546 per week. In Scotland, it is PS858. This difference represents almost $16,000 a year! Nursing care is more expensive than standard residential care. A residential dementia care home in the North East costs PS395 per week. If you’re looking for a nursing home, the cost may be even higher.

People with dementia pay more for their care

The costs of residential dementia care homes can be significantly higher than those associated with standard social care. In fact, the cost of dementia care can be up to 40% higher than that of other types of healthcare. Because dementia is a complex condition characterized by symptoms that require specialized care, people with dementia often pay more for their care than those with other types of dementia. And because dementia is not covered by the social security system or the NHS, most people with the disease end up paying more out of pocket than those with other forms of health care.

One study found that people with dementia pay significantly more for residential dementia care than those with less severe forms of the disease. While this could be a case of financial incapacity, the higher cost is justified by the fact that residential dementia care homes tend to be more expensive than home-care-based care.

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