While there are more than hundreds of online movies watching applications and websites, among the hundreds of movie applications we can make filtration by choosing only the fixed and secured websites. 123Movies is one of the secured online movie watching sites that provides the actual information about the movies with good video quality. While Fmovies.rs is also a movie application so when you get into a site like the 123 Movies it has a search option to find your interested movies by a second. And additionally, you can see browse content options and this would carry you to their official page. On the official page, you can find n number of movies that are released in recent days and the beginning page will get updated daily as per the releasing date.


And on the top page, we can notice the options like home, movies column, TV series, genres, and year count. This might be new for the site; by using the yearly options we can notice find out the movies according to the releasing year. While in the genres option there are different sections like action, thriller, Shows, battle, sport, mystery, crime scenes, etc. viewers who might not have any ideas about the movies according to their taste can choose the movie to make fun of them. On some online websites, we cannot find all the movies which mean they would fail to upload the new or else the old movies but in both the 123 and F movie sites you can find the entire movie list until the 90’s release.

What happens to theatres by the time of 2019-2021?

Movies make us feel happy, sad and sometimes motivate too, in that case, past days remain us theatres, most of the people used to go to a theatre to watch movies and only twenty percent of people would have a television in their home. Like the same, the channel provider would take more than six to seven months to re-release the new movies in their channel. And by this, every movie lover would wait for months to watch the particular movie.

After and while this pandemic situation there is a lot of updating and foundation in their world. Nowadays more than theatrical movies online releasing movies are the most. Either the movie is to be released in the application or else indirect television, by this it affects the theatre owners the most, even after one and half a year they are facing the same issues. Anyhow only when a person used to watch movies in the theatre they would get the actual feel from the movies, for example, if the same person used to watch movies online there might be some disturbance or work pressure while watching it. But at the same time if the person moves on to the theatre to watch a movie he will not get any interruption until the drama ends up. Another thing is that the person should have some free time to entertain himself by watching movies. But online watching movies will not interrupt any of the work tensions and pressures of the people.

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